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eBay Registered Trading Assistant 

     Nina Marie Sherrer 

Don't give your stuff away... it may be exactly what someone else is looking for!  What's that saying?  "Your stuff (I know the word is "trash") may be someone else's treasure".  Make it count, if even a little.  All those little bits add up!  You'll be surprised at what you could make!

What is a Trading Assistant?

A Trading Assistant is someone who sells YOUR stuff on eBay for you.  All you have to do is decide what you'd like to sell then contact a trading assistant who will take care of the transactions on eBay.  A trading assistant will charge you a commission and usually a non-refundable fee for their work whether your item sells or not.  This can vary greatly.  Be sure to check out any trading assistant you are considering using by checking 1. Their eBay user ID history, 2. Their eBay Feedback and 3. some of their listings.  Trust is BIG on eBay.  Remember that most bidders depend on accurately described items and good photographs.  

About Me

Let me sell your items on eBay.  Buying and selling on eBay since January 2000, I have an excellent feedback record and take pride in FAST, FAIR, & ACCURATE transactions whether buying or selling.  My eBay user ID is skyhidogs.  Go to my Feedback Summary, scroll down and click on any Item# with a S in the right hand column to see how I list items on eBay.

Highly organized, I pride myself on my professionalism and will handle all aspects including researching, photographing, writing up the description, listing on eBay, questions from potential bidders, the sale, collecting the funds, packing, shipping, feedback, and paying eBay their fees.  When the auction is finished, the item shipped, and everything clears, I will send you a check and provide you with an itemized list of items sold, the sale price and fees involved.

Getting Started

Read over My Policies and Fees for My Services.  Write down any questions you may have.  Put together several items that you would like to sell and briefly describe them along with any unusual information.  Have an idea of what the item is worth to YOU.  Contact me and make an appointment. We'll get together and evaluate what you have and the best procedure to take. 

My Policies

1. I use 7 day auctions.

2. A brief Trading Assistant contract will be signed to list the item(s).  All item(s) must be in my possession at all times.

3. Once the item is listed, you are obligated to sell that item to the highest bidder.

4. If an item does not sell the first time, we can discuss whether to re-list it.

5. If an item does not sell on a re-listing, it will be returned to you or donated to a non-profit organization.  You are responsible for all eBay fees, and one Up Front Initial Fee Non-Refundable Listing Fee. 

6. I start most auctions under $10 depending on the item.  If you want to start at a specific price, we can negotiate that.  All eBay fees that are known at the time of  accepting the item for listing must be prepaid at that time.

7. When I list your item, it is for a Basic Listing which includes one photo.  If you wish additional photos and/or features offered by eBay, those will be determined and you will be charged accordingly in advance of the listing.  On certain items I will suggest a reserve listing or you may request this feature. 

8.  I reserve the right not to list items I believe won't sell on eBay or that may be  too expensive or too difficult to ship, or that I feel I cannot represent honestly and fairly.

9. I reserve the right to accept only a certain number of items per week from an individual customer.

10. I will not sell risqué, adult-oriented items of any nature or anything I personally find offensive.

Fees for My Services

 End of Auction

 Final Value ( Winning Bid)

  Up Front Initial Fee

Non-Refundable  Listing Fee

Commission Fee

on Final Value  (Winning Bid)

$9.99 or less    $1.00 *  5%
$10.00 to $24.99  $1.50 10%
$25.00 to $49.99  $2.00 12%
$50.00 to $99.99  $2.50 15%
$100 or more  $3.00 20%

* This is the minimum fee charged per item for me to list whether it sells or not. Any item I accept to list is charged this minimum of $1.00 plus all eBay fees that are known at the time of accepting the item for listing.  At the minimum for an item with a basic listing having one photo, with a opening bid of $9.99 or less this prepaid cost is $1.30. (.30 is the known eBay listing fee).

Here's an example to help understand fees:  

Let's say you have an item with an opening bid of  $2.50.  For me to take your item and put it on eBay prepaid charges are $1.30 ($1.00 Initial Fee & .30 eBay listing fee).  Now at the end of the auction, the final value or winning bid is $7.75.  Your additional fees for my commission are $.39 which is 5%.  eBays final value fee for the  winning bid is $.39.  So, you would be paid $6.97.  Of course the actual amount you made is $6.97 - $1.30 prepaid fees = $5.67.  

Suppose that same item with an opening bid of $2.50 had a winning bid of $11.95.  You have already prepaid $1.30 ($1.00 Initial Fee & .30 eBay listing fee).  Your additional fees due me are .50 Up Front Initial Fee, $1.20 Commission Fee (10%), eBays final value fee for the winning bid .60.  You would receive $9.65.  Your actual amount would be $9.65 - $1.30 prepaid fees = $8.35.

You've got to admit, it's more than you'd make selling it at a garage sale, or if it were still collecting dust in a closet or a basement.

How to Contact Me

The best way to contact me regarding my Trading Assistant help is by email: You may also telephone me at 970-461-7767.  Please do leave a message.  I usually get back to answer email and phone messages within 24 hours. 

Thanks for stopping by and looking at this page.

                         Nina Marie Sherrer


Nina Marie and David Sherrer


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