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Check back for the one day STACK 'N MOVE  Seminar coming soon!



Sorry, no classes being held at this time.




Min 3-Max 8 Students

$36 for 6       week          session









Min 3-Max 8 Students

$36 for 6       week          session









Min 3 - Max 10 Students

$3 per dog




Min 3 - Max 10 Students

$3 per dog








Handler: Limited to Experienced in Presentation or Obedience. 

Dog: Must be lead broke AND under reasonable control, any age.

This is a drop in type class in preparation for showing at shows and for gaining additional experience during exams and movement. Limited instruction is given as the goal is to create a near show experience. The fee is per handler (FREE in April) and the handler may switch dogs during the session.



No Experience: Handler has NO experience training or handling a dog. Dog has NO experience in being trained to follow commands or in shows.

Limited Experience: Handler has Limited or Some Experience training a dog and/or at shows. Dog has Limited or Some Experience following commands and/or at shows.

Experienced: Handler has Experience training and/or handling a dog at home or at shows. Knows basic procedures and may have titled a dog. Dog has Experience following commands and may have points toward a Championship or legs on an obedience title.


* All dogs must have proof of Rabies and DHPP vaccinations.

* Pre-registration and pre-payment by mail for SHOW PRESENTATION classes is required. The paperwork that will hold your spot in class includes: Application, Signed Wavier, Vaccination Record, and Payment. 

* Pre-registration  is optional for the SHOW’N GO classes, however, you will still need a Application, Signed Wavier, and Vaccination Record on file to participate. Sending these in advance makes this easier on everyone. You may reserve SHOW ‘N GO session times by making a $2 deposit per class, along with sending in the paperwork. At the end of April, any deposits made will be refunded for the classes you attended.  If you plan on "dropping in" you will take a chance that the session time you would like to attend is full. DROP IN is on a first come, first serve basis of available spots in a particular class. (Maximum of 10 handlers per class.)

* SHOW'N GO and SHOW PRESENTATION classes are for registered pure bred dogs or 4-H Project dogs.

* For the safety of all concerned, any dog which, in the opinion of the training instructor, is uncontrollable, unpredictable, or aggressive will be removed from the class and a refund for the remaining classes will be given.

* One adult over 18 years of age must be the primary handler in class. Spouses or children aged 10-17 may "assist" the primary handler. Anyone aged 10-17 participating in class must have a parent or responsible adult in attendance during class.

* All dogs must remain on leash when on the premises where training classes are held.

* All owners must clean up after their dogs immediately.

* Most of these classes are being held outdoors. Dress appropriately. In the case of possible bad weather, please call  (970-461-7767) to determine if a class is being held.

* Contact us either by email or phone (970-461-7767) for additional questions or to receive a REGISTRATION PACKET.




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