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The AMERICAN CANINE EDUCATION FOUNDATION is pleased to present the 18th COURSE in CANINE CONFORMATION JUDGING!  This years Judges Institute will be held at the Sunset Station Hotel & Casino, Las Vegas, NV August 12th-18th, 2006!

This unique and fantastic opportunity is for Judges, Aspiring Judges, Breeders, and those wanting a  to learn more about DOGS! 

You can obtain COMPLETE information in a pdf (portable document format) file.  All you need is the Adobe Acrobat reader (which is FREE) to download and print the file. Click HERE to get the free Adobe Acrobat reader.

Here is your link to complete information on this wonderful ACEF opportunity!  Click on:


Since receiving my UKC (United Kennel Club) congratulations on passing the American Pit Bull Terrier Judge's test, the Toy Fox Terrier Judge's test and the American Eskimo Judge's test, I have  completed my apprenticeship  for the American Pit Bull Terrier and for the Toy Fox Terrier.  I received conformation from UKC of my Provisional status for Toy Fox Terriers and Senior Judge Status for American Pit Bull Terriers.  In April 2006, I judged in Minnesota and had the pleasure of judging at the UKC Heartland Toy Fox Terrier Association's specialty in Kansas.  What a wonderful group!  This completed my provisional's for the Toy Fox Terrier! 

There are many avenues available to current and future judges regarding education.  These are often in the form of seminars put on by the various Judges Groups and Dog Registries throughout the Country.

Presently there are three National Dog Judges groups.  I belong to the SCJA (Senior Conformation Judges Association).  Read more about their recent seminars under ToThePoint, Reviews.   There is also the DJAA (Dog Judges Association of America ) and the ADSJ (American Dog Show Judges ). 

UKC (United Kennel Club) held its first Judges learning seminar in March of 2004 and has recently started a mandatory continuing education which all UKC judges are required to attend once every four years. 



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