Nina Marie Sherrer  970-461-7767

 UKC Judge #2824 All Breeds, Groups, Jrs & BIS, APBT, TFT, AE 

  SKC Judge All Sporting Breeds     NCA Judge All Breeds, Groups, Jrs & BIS

          American Canine Education Foundation, Inc. Director of Education





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About Us

Brief History

SKYHI began, after several months research, in 1981 with one Weimaraner puppy named MISTY, later known as  CH KRISTOF'S DIAMOND MISTIQUE, CD, NSD, V.   We have since bred not only Weimaraners but German Shorthaired Pointers.  We also acquired a Whippet, one of many breeds which we admire.

Our Weims and GSP's are bred for versatility.  We show our dogs in AKC, CKC,  UKC, and SKC licensed shows in conformation, obedience, and time permitting tracking and hunting tests.  We  have participated in the Weimaraner Club of America's Rating Tests and we have been active in Therapy dog work, by bringing our dogs to visit at Nursing homes.  Even though we have "show" dogs, our main priority remains the same.  Excellent temperament, intelligence and health.  Our dogs are not JUST show dogs, THEY ARE A PART OF OUR FAMILY!

On the Show front, we have had the excitement of many impressive wins in All Breed Shows,  Specialty Shows, National Club Shows,  Specialty Sweepstakes, Futurities, and Maturities.  Many of our dogs have gained  Championship titles and have acquired titles in other fields such as Obedience, Tracking, Hunting, and Ratings.

Personal Information

Beginnings . . .

Originally named SKYHI  WEIMARANERS, and begun by Nina in 1981, the name was changed to SKYHI  KENNELS after adding a Whippet and German Shorthaired Pointers and then to SKYHI DOGS since we are not really a "kennel" in the sense that we do not board dogs or breed dogs on a regular basis. 

Nina's first dogs were Weimaraners and they were from the KRISTOF dogs developed by Sharon Kruebbe.  When Sharon, a well known breeder and professional handler, moved to other area's of interest in her life, Sharon and Nina stayed in contact with each other. It was through Sharon's encouragement that helped develop the SKYHI  line of Weimaraners.  Even with an extremely limited breeding program,  SKYHI Weimaraners became well known in the Northwest and other areas of the Country.  It was through the SKYHI  dogs that the versatile REGEN Weimaraner line (estab. in 1997) of dogs  began with Nina's breeding of Ch/CKC Ch Skyhi’s EZ Magical Reign CD CDX UD JH CGC NSD SD NRD V VX BROM.

Nina is a firm believer of owner handlers and does her best to encourage, and to help new owners to show their own dogs.   She has entered her dogs in AKC, CKC, UKC and SKC shows.  She has traveled to and shown dogs in Canada, WA, ID, MT, OR, CA, MI, KY, OH, MO, GA, AL, SC, NC, NJ, NE, CO, MN, NM and TX. 

American Canine Education Foundation Inc

Director of Education

ACEF  2003, 2004, 2005, 2006, 2007 Graduate and Judges Institute Staff

Nina has attended either as a Student and/or as an Administrator the following ACEF Educational Institutes:

ACEF JUDGES Institutes: 1991 Norman, OK; 1994 Minneapolis, MN; 2003 San Antonio, TX; 2004 Las Vegas, NV; 2005 Washington, D.C., 2006 Las Vegas, NV.  Presently working on the upcoming 2007 Washington, D.C. Institute.

ACEF GRADUATE Institutes: 2002 Sporting Group; 2003 Hound Group; 2004 Toy Group; 2005 Non Sporting Group, 2005 Working Group, 2006 Herding Group, 2007 Hound Group.

Nina has been in Weimaraners the longest (over 24 years), but the longer she is in dogs, the more she sees the beauty of all the other breeds!  She has shown and bred not only Weimaraners, but also German Shorthaired Pointers and has had the privilege of owning a Whippet.

Nina believes learning is a never ending experience!   As a result of this belief, and to become knowledgeable in many aspects of the sport of dogs, Nina joined and took an active part in many clubs.  These included All Breed Clubs, Obedience Clubs, Judges Associations, Specialty Clubs, Steward’s Associations and National Organizations. She was a founding member of the Eastern WA Weim Club and has been Judges Education Chairperson for the Weim Club of America. She is currently a member of several clubs as well as the SCJA and ACEF where she was made Director of Education in early 2004. 

A NCA and SKC judge, Nina is also a UKC all-breed judge including Juniors, Best In Show, APBT's, TFT's , and AE provisional.   Nina believes judging dogs is a tremendous responsibility that involves continuing education of all breeds.  She feels that in judging dogs, the experiences should always be honest, professional, courteous and helpful to the exhibitor.  Being aware of spectators is also important as those exhibitors are either owners, breeders, or potential dog show people. 

Along with constantly adding to her library of dog related books and tapes she has attended many different seminars around the Country.  These include obedience, conformation, handling, judging, rearing, socializing, breeding and behavior problem seminars.  In March, 2002, Nina attended the Sporting Group Graduate Institute in KY.  It was there that she donated copies of her 63 page booklet “Sticking to the Standard” a Study of the Weimaraner.  This caught Col. Pedé’s attention and she has been assisting with ACEF seminars since.

Nina gives various presentation seminars as well as doing PAT’s (Puppy Aptitude Test) and CAR’s (Conformation Assessment Report).   She has entered her dogs in AKC, CKC, UKC and SKC shows and has shown dogs in over 18 states.  She has bred many Champions including Futurity and Maturity winners, Winners Dog and Bitch at Nationals.  She is the breeder of several HIT Weimaraners, including Weimaraner National HIT winners and is also the breeder of a Weimaraner Dual Champion.

Nina, who has a 27 yr old son in CO and a 23 yr old daughter in WA State,  currently resides in Colorado with her husband, Dave, an avid road & mountain cyclist and runner, their 10 year old son, whom she home schooled for 2nd and 3rd grade, one Weimaraner and one Lynx point Siamese cat rescued from the Human Society. 

Breeding & Placement

SKYHI has a very limited breeding program.  We breed for two reasons.   First to improve the breed and second to keep a puppy for ourselves that will continue to improve our line. We cannot begin to tell you the amount of time, energy, and money it takes to truly be a responsible concerned breeder. It is sometimes emotionally draining. A never ending learning quest that Mother Nature does not always cooperate with.

There is paperwork involved in becoming an approved home.  This could be called a screening process.  Why?  Well, unfortunately there is a problem of disposable dogs in our society. We DO NOT want one of our precious pups or adults turning up as a disposable dog. We cannot and will not tolerate the emotional and/or physical suffering a animal may endure due to human ignorance and/or neglect. We want to give our dogs the best possible start or continuance in life. We find that by using a strict screening process, we can weed out those buyers who are not sincere or suitable in adding a family member to their home.

Please understand that we know circumstances can change in a buyers life and perhaps a particular pup/adult just is not right for your family. Our papers protect you too! We want that pup/adult back.Lewie, Bravo, & Auti

We are looking for commitment. The purchase of a dog should be a lifelong commitment. Whether you are looking for a PET or a SHOW companion, we want the best home we can find. If you want a purebred without the paperwork, look somewhere else. Our puppies, our dogs, are too precious to take chances with. We have invested love, training, time and money into every one of our dogs. They are all a part of our family. They all carry a special part of our heart and home with them where ever they may go.



© All contents copyright 1981-2007 Nina Marie Sherrer, All rights reserved.



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